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4th Time Around is a curiosity cabinet of all things weird and wonderful, from retro tea sets to eye-catching fabrics, statuettes and bric à brac.  Things to truly treasure and love!

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Short and Girly are two friends who like to make stuff. Both are quite short, but one is slightly shorter, and both could be considered girly, but if you met us, you might think one is slightly more so. Why not guess which is which? We don’t mind. x

This is the deal. We supply the ingredients – you make the cocktails. We’ve matched the cocktails to the mood and deliver everything you’ll need – spirits, mixers, fruit, cocktail shakers, twirly stick things…

No rough stuff. We source and pack everything ourselves, working with local and smaller UK suppliers to get the best quality. We don’t do cut-price, no-name spirits and we don’t do pre-packed cocktail mixes.

We are a Vintage Clothing company based in Bedford. You can find us on the 2nd Saturday of the month on Midland Road in Bedford, as part of the Handmade and Vintage Market.

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Prior Attire provide costumes for a variety of periods, starting from the late Roman era, up to the 19th century, also including corsetry and burlesque wear.